About Us

Golden Lion Sub Aqua Club was formed in 1977, based in the Golden Lion Public House in Wrexham, and was registered with the Sub Aqua Association (SAA) as Club 310. Club members served on the SAA National Executive Committee and the National Diving Officer, was an associated member, who instructed our members most weeks, this included one of our current member.

In 1986 the club won the Golden Club Award (equivalent to BSAC’s Heinke Trophy), which was presented by Sharon Davies, Britain’s Olympic Swimmer.  The prize was a Club Diving Holiday to Oban. We originally trained in Wrexham Pool, but then over 20 years ago Wrexham Pool closed for a year and after trying various locations, the club settled in Mold Leisure Centre, later running two sessions a week one in Wrexham the other at Mold. In those days there were up to 70 members.

Approached by a local dive school Frogs Born , the club moved to accept and train BSAC members as club number B2198 and until 2015 continued  to offer membership and training with the SAA in addition to that of BSAC. At the end of 2015 it was decided to drop our SAA membership as remaining members were in the main BSAC divers ad SAA divers who remained crossed over to BSAC; we could re-establish our SAA link if requested.

Club members have dived in every continent except the Antarctic and continue to dive throughout Wales, Britain and the World.

Previous members studied the Nautical Archaeological Society exams and dived historic wrecks appearing on National TV and were quoted in the Sunday Times for our safety support of International Canoeing Events.

Club members have supported the RNLI, Archaeological , Sea Search and the Marine Conservation Societies, as well as various other charitable events.